Managing more than 250 employees of different departments inside business premises becomes a big challenge for every organization. iSos PMS was able to ensure that the right combination of employees were available in each area and complete productivity system so that every employee can be managed through one instance.


  • Managing employees inside business premises
  • Unaware of employee daily activity
  • Employees unclear about their assigned project
  • Specific numbers of employees and combination of skillsrequired in each work area.
  • Unable to manage multiple projects
  • Absentees had to be replaced from a backup pool with an employee having the same skill.
  • Non-realistic reports of daily strength inside business premises
  • Employees consumed more than assigned number of hours for their work and hence productivity loses.
  • Resource productivity

What We do to Overcome these Challenges

  • Implementing Beacon technology and take live data from Biometric system to bring out the live action reports inside business premises.
  • Integrated Project Management Solution by which resource allocation will be shown, assigned task to employees and project status.
  • Employees and Managers/Admin mobile application hands on hands and thereby employee location will be tracked.
  • Productivity of each and every employee will be visible and thereby productivity count will increase.
  • Engaging employees and managers through app where they can see reminders of upcoming tasks, demos, events etc.
  • Search an employee where they are through Beacon proximity technology and can have direct communication through message or call.

The Result

  • Now, employees need not worry about attendance, as automatically attendance will be marked through Beacons.
  • There will be no conflict for booking a conference rooms for any demo, presentation, client calls etc.
  • Employees get to know about the assigned task of the day and how much is the allocated effort
  • Upcoming events, demos, conference meetings, calls will not get missed as notifications will be given on their mobile apps.
  • Admin can view resource allocation, project status, estimates provided for certain project with milestone timelines.
  • Admin can see the employee productivity from the live working status of employees and can keep a track on each and every employee through the web portal.
  • Inter-connectivity helps to communicate with Managers or Admin instantly.
  • Employees can view attendance history anytime, anywhere.