Solving the Project Management Issue with ISOS

Solving the Project Management Issue with ISOS

If you’re working in manufacturing industry, you’d be familiar with Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the systems that are used to manage inventory, product planning, production, fulfilment and the other aspects of production management and control. You’d have decent appreciation of how MRP/ERP solutions have enable the manufacturing industry to optimize the core business processes.

But, what about the rest of the picture? In contradiction of the ‘Resource’ in MRP and ERP systems, most systems fail to fully address a key tape of resources, particularly the people whose work supports and feeds into your core manufacturing operations.

You would not try to optimize your manufacturing operations without your MRP/ERP system, would you? Then why not take advantage of iSos, something that makes it possible to optimize how your resources work, and hence determining the best path forward?

iSos, applied within a proper project management framework, can help you in:

Managing Your Team as a Set of Constrained Resources

You need to apply the same principle for planning and organizing the work of your resources as you do to optimize your supply chain and production floor. This begins by realizing that your team members are constrained resources who are proficient enough of doing one thing at a time, and retrieving the designated amount of output in a given unit of time. A plan that is effort-based instead of date based will ensure that your plans are grounded in reality as opposed to wishful thinking.

Create Genuine Schedules Based on Availability

ISos incorporates the resources and their availability with its scheduler across all your projects, helping you in assessing the realistic delivery dates across your team’s entire workload. Delivering builds by the end of the month might be a key to your job security, but without a plan based on the actual effort involved and the availability of the resources who would do that work, how confident would you be in hitting your date?

Handle the Uncertainty of Innovation

Contrasting to the time required for a machine to turn a widget, the effort required for a developer or designer to design that widget is less deterministic. You never know what may happen, and here is how iSos can help you take that ambiguity into account. ISos allows you to add task estimates based on best or worst case scenarios or, a scenario that allows the resources who would actually be doing that work estimate the efforts and tasks involved. This eventually leads to a project schedule that is grounded in reality, considering that you will probably encounter a few unexpected issues along the way.

Make Your Team a Part of the Process

ISos is intended to relate team members into the project management process by empowering them to see their individual tasks, take responsibility of that project from start to finish and see how their efforts relate to the efforts of others and the bigger picture. Other than this, iSos also brings other team-centric functionalities such as messaging, document sharing, notifications and more.

Monitor progress

As team members mark the completion of tasks, iSos can use that information to recalculate the delivery dates in real time. This can help you quickly identify the potential issues, for instance a task that is threatening your delivery date, so that you can inspect it further and take any obligatory actions. Remember that no matter how much you plan, things won’t go exactly as anticipated. The question is: Do you want to know about the potential issues as soon possible, or do you want to hear about them in your weekly status meetings only?

Track time

We often hear that in organization, tracking time for project codes is compulsory. Even though this may not be mandatory for your organization, the ability to revisit the past projects can be vital when it comes to filtering your task estimations for the next project.

Adjust to changing priorities

Everyone working on the right tasks at the right time is important for optimizing team outputs. ISos helps in prioritizing peoples’ work easily, in a way that is clear to all in the team. Though this can be helpful for a project, when overall project priorities change, individuals can see this shift in their task assignments and know that every day, they are focused on the same No.1 priority as the organization as a whole.

Summing Up

The abovementioned capabilities can help you apply the same discipline in managing peoples’ work as you do to your fundamental manufacturing processes.

So, if you are still using Excel to manage your work, it is the time to dump the spreadsheets, and get iSos to use. In a short time, your scheduled estimations and project plans will start to improve. And with team members tied into those plans, you will have a more accurate picture of the progress of the project and the potential threats in meeting the deadlines. Best of all, you will be able to eliminate a great deal of the churn, chaos, and the frustration that often complement a lack of proper project management.

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