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In the past, every organization used to call the name of members for the purpose of attendance checking. Managers or instructors used to verify the identity of members based on his or her physical presence. This approach was time-consuming because the instructor had to call each person’s name when the number of users was huge. Also the chaos of rechecking any member’s presence at the end of the day manually was real troublesomeness. There are still number of ways followed to automate the process of marking attendance such as fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth sensors, identity card scanner, barcode readers for identity cards and so forth.

In the world of IoT services, sensors to track human activities and many other things are considered as a vital element and smart devices are actively used as a means to collect and process information from the sensors. The wireless communication and NFC provided by the smart phones are especially the key technologies for exchanging information among participants of IoT service. Beacon implementation is championing this new paradigm for mobile communication. BLE is a major overhaul of the existing Bluetooth protocol. BLE is aimed at very low power applications where battery replacement or maintenance is not required to be attended to for an extended period.

This blog post aims to reveal the use of iSos, an attendance checking application based on Bluetooth low energy beacons. This BLE technology provides a way for the employer to instantly record and analyze the attendance of all the employees. It integrates with biometric to generate the attendance report. An employee or an employer can check the attendance record in his/ her mobile anytime anywhere using any device that supports this application, as the data is recorded in the server/cloud.

ISos monitors the efficiency of your resources and maintains the peak performance levels at all times to manage projects, ensuring that the projects are aligned with the key organizational goals and thereby bringing out the efficient productivity from your employees.

Managers have to install an admin version iSos smart application, while employees have to install a client version iSos smart application. This app allows manager’s smart device to connect to the employee’s smart device at all times, thus let the manager know whether or not an employee is in the office premises during a specified period of time.

  • This method prevents the employees from deceiving their managers by leaving the office premises right after marking a present.
  • While roaming inside business premises, it can check the exact time spent there, thus monitoring the work time.
  • This system solves the problem with the conventional system that took a long time for all the employees to scan their cards by a single terminal device.
  • During outdoor activities, it can periodically check if all employees are close to the administrator.

Key Features of iSos App are:

Automatic Attendance In and Out

Employees are not required to clock in and clock out at a designated point. The presence is registered automatically when he/ she comes in Beacon range, user just needs to enable Bluetooth and Location and don’t worry about Bluetooth drainage battery as it trigger with Bluetooth BLE device which is known as Bluetooth Low Energy consumption.

Enhanced Attendance Evaluation

The feature of automatically marking presence when a person enters and marking absence status when he/ she exits the business premises helps maintain proper attendance records. Attendance history can be viewed anytime, anywhere which aids in keeping a track/analyse on their working time.

Monitoring Employees

iSos administrators can see exactly what is happening inside Business premises in real-time. It provides a constant live data stream from each monitored device notifying the current device activity. A manager has continuous access to all beacon data, which makes the entire experience a breeze.

Managing Attendance

Now, there will be automatic attendance report that comes out of every user, so managing attendance record will be easy and accurate. It helps in attendance scheduling, advanced reporting and maintaining attendance record with least requirements of administration work.

The Verdict

The iSos app is a great attendance tracking software for every business, which eliminates the need to maintain several attendance records. It uses the beacon sensor for being aware of attendance information and the smart cell phone for receiving and processing this information. This system has the benefit to improve the quality and quantity of work because a manager can keep track of the employees’ attendance, cut down the time wasted by employees in cafeterias, and spend more time on the work.

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