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It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to leverage the Internet of Things and all the benefits that a network of wirelessly connected devices can bring to the office space. Large adoption of IoT solutions is a real shift and the rising popularity of bring-your-own-device policies has make the stage for a long list of innovative technologies to make their way into corporate settings.

One technology that is rapidly establishing a new position for itself in the office is Beacons. Originally gaining popularity in retail world for using proximity-based notifications to send and receive promotional messages through a mobile application, beacons are now being looked upon as a way to bring new technological synergies in offices that are fronting the limitations of modern IoT.

Let’s see how iSos fits and communicates in the ongoing evolution of the corporate world and shows the many opportunities that are there for beacons to enhance the office space.

Booking Conference Rooms Automatically:

Offices often have a handful of meeting rooms that are either normally double-booked or frequently left empty. Both situations are rooted in the similar problems: limited insight of how these rooms are booked, plus limited understanding of how to use it can be a cumbersome reserving process. Employees often forget to book a conference room, and it can be hard to determine if a room is available at any given time. As a result, when a group of workers need a room for an important interview or meeting, they are often left struggling to find a vacant one or are out of luck because every place is full.

iSos, however, can monitor who is using which room at what time. Whenever a person with an iSos activated app on his/her smart device enters a conference room, the beacon automatically logs their presence there, notifying others, in real time, that the place is not vacant. If another person has to reserve that room, the app on his/her smartphone would show the names of the employees already occupying it, eliminating the confusion for room to get double booked. The app also displays, which rooms are still available, so that those who forgot to reserve a room in advance don’t have to waste time looking for a vacant one.

With iSos, there is no more running around the office in search of a vacant room; no more having to presume where your coworkers are meeting. Beacons draw a road map, informing you when and where to go.

Broadcast and Alert Message

iSos app being a proximity base technology delivers content to the employees. At workplaces, this means that important information can be delivered to staff members when they are in the office or at a particular place in the office. Employees can send broadcast message to any department and can even alert all user in case of emergency situations. Any message can be shared with all office employees just by clicking a single button.

Reminders and Notifications

You can now send notifications for meetings like Town hall meeting, Meeting Schedule, and can add events like Christmas festival celebration, annual party and more.

Attendance control

iSos application allows time clocking using a smart phone. An employee’s presence is registered automatically at work when he/she arrives near a beacon. Beacons provide a fixed micro-location, which maintain staffs daily work schedules by having an exact “check-in” location.


iSos app gives offices the power for ‘in the moment’ feedback from all office employees’ or specific teams, exactly when the employers need it.

Working wireless

iSos makes your office processes easier. It makes indoor navigation more efficient, enabling employees to better find their way to where they have to execute different activities or to where issues were reported. It allows you to analyze the behavior of employees: How much time does one spend at a certain department? What are the used pathways? etc.

End Note

These hyperlocal messages prove to be a great way to engage staff to the workspace and connecting them to their physical settings in a very digital way. It is simplifying employees’ access to workplace while collecting the valuable information and saving employers money by helping them to right-size their corporate space and operates office blocks more proficiently and resourcefully.

Together with you, we can design a custom fit network and increase the effectiveness of your work, communication and productivity of your business to a completely new level.

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