As a fast-growing company, STPI grew in headcount and work volume in conjunction with the growth of IT in the region. Earlier, being a small office, they were able to manage everything but now it was quickly becoming difficult to organize their daily tasks with random spreadsheets and emails. They felt like they were drowning in a sea of unorganized sticky notes and hand-written task reminders.

Moreover, they were facing problems in managing their employees, visitor management, and in producing productivity of their resources. Then they soon realized the need for ISOS solution to help optimize their efficiency and to manage and streamlined their work process.

What were the problems they were facing?

  • They were unable to manage employees inside and outside business premises.
  • Unaware of employee’s productivity.
  • No record of visitors in and out office.
  • Non-realistic reports of daily strength inside business premises.
  • Lack in monitoring productivity of employees.
  • Unable to manage and track inventory of business and outside premises.
  • Identifying daily strength of office and lacking in maintaining record.

What ISOS did to overcome these problems and how it has become beneficial for STPI?

  • Web and mobile based application built for employees and staff and thereby got ease of all the processes.
  • Integrated Beacons at the entry gate and inside office premises, by this employee’s attendance was automatically marked, admin monitored employee’s productivity and got to know about daily count of an employee through Heat Map and Footfall reports.
  • Integrated Project Management Solution through which resource allocation shown, assigned task to employees tracked and keep updated with project status.
  • Through project management solution, admin saw their employee’s productivity from the live working status of employees and kept a track on each and every employee through web portal.
  • Tracked exact location of employees inside and outside premises through Beacon placed inside office and GPS for outdoor tracking.
  • Barcode pasted on inventory to track on each and every inventory that is coming in and out from business premises.
  • Visitors got the QR code on their email address to scan at the gate before entering business premises and as they enter, notification will be send to concerned authority and hence record got maintained.

What were their big wins?

  • Their company has saved money and time since iSOS is integrated. They have large number of employees working in office with lots of clients coming in their organization, it’s hard to produce efficient productivity from their employees, work efficiently and moreover maintain all the records in streamlined and that too automatic can only be possible by using ISOS solution.
  • They say: We’re now able to see where our time is spent; we know where our money is spent as well. There is no better way to streamline productivity