De Montfort University (DMU) is a public university in the city of Leicester, England. In 2008, 70% of the university's research was deemed 'world leading' (40%), or 'internationally excellent' (30%) in the United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise. Initially university was managing their resources well for the amount of Students they had however with the growing number of students in recent past , managing the students and teachers became difficult.

Then they connected with ISOS to provide a solution for managing, tracking and making students work life ease, ISOS was instrumental in providing the right combination of solutions to ensure that the students and staff is efficiently managed.

What were the problems that University was facing

  • Managing campus staff inside campus premises.
  • Management unclear about staff and student’s daily activity.
  • Mismanagement of allocation of staff in case of any absentees.
  • Management unable to establish direct contact with the concerned staff within a short period of time.
  • Unrealistic reports of daily strength of staff and students within the campus.
  • Difficulty in timely broadcast of news, meeting invites and share upcoming events.
  • Difficult to manage Cafeteria coupons and handling recharges.
  • Students unclear about attendance history.
  • Unable to locate lecture hall, staff or any meeting hall inside campus premises when new students entered university.

How ISOS overcome these problems and becomes beneficial for De Montfort University

  • ISOS developed comprehensive iPhone and Android mobile application for staffs and students to ease their working.
  • ISOS Integrated campus management solution where staffs got the daily work on their devices and thereby efficient productivity of staff tracked.
  • Implemented Beacon technology inside campus and lecture halls for automatic attendance and thereby attendance record was maintained automatically.
  • Got to know about upcoming events and meetings on their mobile device through ISOS application.
  • Integrated GPS navigation system and it helped students in finding any lecture hall, staff or seminar halls inside university.
  • Implemented cashless transaction process in university and now students and staffs ordered food and recharge their card from wherever they are.
  • Real time communication is done through their mobile device where students and staff got platform to reach everyone easily

What were their big wins?

  • Their university management process is streamlined since iSOS is integrated handling large number of students and staff, work tasks, attendance and tracking was made simple to manage using iSOS
  • They say: For communication, collaboration and tracking iSOS is the best solution for streamlined process and produce efficacy in workflow