CARA-CAMP Caravan & Outdoor Centre is located in the metropolitan Cape Town city, South Africa. They serve a large area including Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch. They are into managing, upgrading, repairing and customizing camper vans to user specifications. They have their own workshop and outlets for the caravans that provides spare parts, consumables and finished products (accessories etc.). So, in recent past they were facing problems in managing inventories, track inventories and maintaining record for the same.

So, they approached iSOS to provide a solution where they can manage inventory efficiently, manage duties, restrict users for entering secure zone area and keeping a record for jobs assigned to the workers. Overall, they want to streamline the work process and maintain a record backlog automatically for each and every process.

What were the problems they were facing?

  • Managing attendance records of workers in different departments.
  • Unaware of inventory stock that they have, what is used and what is left.
  • Mismanagement of the duties or jobs assigned to a worker.
  • Unaware of the staff where they are and on what task they are working.
  • Keeping an all-time network for managers, supervisors and other high authorities.
  • Secure the unrestricted area for the staff.

How did ISOS overcome these problems and what benefits come across?

  • ISOS provides RFID tags for all the working staff so that attendance can be tracked and thereby records are maintained.
  • Through RFID card readers at multiple entrances to different locations CARA-CAMP concerned authority track the current locations of workers.
  • Beacons are implemented in their warehouses that helped in maintaining a network between supervisors and other high authorities and monitoring daily activity.
  • Placed a QR code on each inventory so that user can scan inventory while going in and out and thereby record is maintained automatically.
  • Task management solution that helps in maintaining workload and to keep a track of assigned task to worker.
  • Biometric and Beacon hardware’s have been implemented in secure zone area to track the user footfall entering in security area and thus alarm will be raised.

What were their big wins?

  • Their warehouse is now managed properly by keeping a record of all the workload, tracking of assigned task and inventories, security breach failure resolved and attendance is done automatically.
  • Manager said: Through iSOS great features of inventory, security and task management process my working style has become easier and now there is no stress in my life.