iLook is a Social Network for Employers, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Business People, Students and Companies. It is a platform which provides a complete B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) Solution that helps people to build their professional network, to improve their Career prospects, Job searches, Talent searches, Business development and Product promotions. iLook was founded by Mr. Saravana Rajan P in August 2012 and launched in August 2015.

After launching the product, users get involved and slowly number got increased and in tasks/projects, users and members that have joined iLook and thereby require some software tool to manage and maintaining all records in synchronized way. So, they approached ISOS for making the management process smooth.

What were the problems that company was facing?

  • Not able to manage backend management and user management task.
  • Manual record maintenance of files and reports.
  • Mismanagement of workflow by connected with different teams inside business premises.
  • Unaware of the project resources – available or occupied.
  • Unable to track employee productivity.
  • Not able to keep track on company revenue.

How ISOS overcome these problems and streamlined work management for iLook

  • Integrated iSOS PMS solution at iLook to streamline the workflow for project and task and thereby efficiency increased.
  • Each and every user was well aware of the task done daily and automatic reports got generated.
  • Departments were well coordinated with each other through single thread of communication.
  • Availability of the resources was identified through Resource allocation process and thereby workflow of each and every resource was able to track.
  • Tracker runs as software on staff desktop and it made easy to track time and thereby got to know when and what your employees are working on.
  • Live project status with consumed and left number of hours was measured and thereby automatically report got generated.

What were their big wins?

  • After integrated ISOS project management software they were able to manage workforce easily and know exactly how much time each employee spent on every project and track project status, track employees productivity, resource allocation and in managing task efficiently.
  • Rajan says: I highly recommend ISOS for all the companies, because it helps to plan their projects and budgets in a better way based on the data that the application provides.