Managing campus staff members and students in a large campus becomes a difficult task for every campus management. iSos was instrumental in providing the right combination of solutions to ensure that the students and campus staff is efficiently managed.


  • Managing campus staff inside campus premises.
  • Management unclear about staff and student’s daily activity.
  • Mismanagement of allocation of staff in case of any absentees.
  • Management unable to establish direct contact with the concerned staff within a short period of time.
  • Unrealistic reports of daily strength of staff and students within the campus.
  • Difficulty in timely broadcast of news, meeting invites and share upcoming events.
  • Difficult to manage Cafeteria coupons and handling recharges.
  • Students unclear about attendance history and what percentage of attendance they have.
  • Difficulty in finding particular lecture hall, staff or any meeting hall inside campus premises.

What we did to overcome these challenges

  • We developed comprehensive iPhone and Android mobile application solution to address campus management challenges.
  • Implementing Beacon technology and using live data from biometric systems to bring out live reports.
  • Integrated GPS navigation system to locate any lecture hall, staff or meeting hall inside campus premises.
  • Efficient management of Cafeteria payments through online payment gateway.
  • Integrated campus management solution to increase productivity.
  • Engaging everyone on campus with the management through real time communication.
  • Automatic Attendance through Biometric or Beacon technology.

The Result

  • Now, students can easily check their attendance history and calculate attendance percentage anytime, anywhere.
  • Allocate other Staff in quick time in case of absentees occur.
  • Efficient spread of news and notifications to all campus staff and students about lectures, seminars and meetings.
  • Automated generation of customized reports of daily activities done and attendance history.
  • Elimination of the concern to eliminate proxy of student attendance.
  • Easy and efficient monitor of students and staff inside campus premises.
  • Direct communication through real time messages or call with your staff, lecturers etc.
  • Easily locate your staff, meeting hall or lectures through GPS system.