A factory consists of a huge number of employees working at different levels and their management is quite a difficult job under one system. Here iSos work in an effective way for managing and monitoring employees according to their departments and level of work under. It not only helps keeping an attendance record but also current working location and meetings as well.


  • Managing attendance records of workers under different departments.
  • Implementing automation process for illiterate labor.
  • Managing the duties or jobs assigned to a worker.
  • Tracking and monitoring the current working location of a worker.
  • Progress of work done under one project.
  • Giving cashless facility to workers for their food needs.
  • Maintaining a record expenditure done by workers on meals.
  • Keeping an all-time network for managers, supervisors and other high authorities.

How we overcome these challenges

  • Isos gives an automated attendance recording though RFID cards that are easy to be accessed by any type of workers.
  • By implementing the RFID card readers at multiple entrances to different locations we can track the current locations of workers.
  • For supervisors and other high authorities beacons are implemented on the factory premises that help to maintain a network between the all the time.
  • Their accurate location with lat-long can be tracked through beacons and app provided in their devices.
  • The app not only can be used for messaging but also for calling a meeting along with booking a place for the same.
  • By giving a cashless solution to get a recharge on the RFID cards for buying food and beverages we can also record the sales done by food department

The Result

  • The workers no need to worry to rush in order to get their attendance marked manually before they start with their work.
  • A proper record of in- out and break time of a worker not only based on factory as well as department premises.
  • Now the locations of supervisors, managers and High authority people can be tracked using Isos App.
  • Managers, supervisors etc. can connect with each other using the app and call a meeting using the same.
  • Empty place for calling a meeting can also be seen using the isos app provided to workers at upper level.
  • Workers no longer have to carry cash all the time for getting food items, they can get their cards recharged and use it for buying their meals.
  • Work done under one project/department, workers working under the same can be also the tracked with progress in work.
  • Messaging through app made the communication between the high level workers easier even under non network area through the help of beacons.