Administration of hospital staff inside the hospital premises becomes difficult as you are unaware about the current availability of your resources. However, iSos hospital management application worked as a live saver by providing assistance in the tracking process and allocating resources.


  • Managing hospital staff inside the hospital premises.
  • Streamline hospital operations as Staff is unaware about their daily work or tasks.
  • Resource productivity.
  • Track current location of staff.
  • Information loss or no proper medical records.
  • Proper tasks assignment.

What we do to overcome these Challenges

  • Integrated beacons inside the premises so as to track staff members.
  • White-board or announcements integrated so that everyone should have a track of daily activities taking place inside the premises.
  • Communication Module to communicate effectively amongst staff.
  • EHR integration with Beacons so that physicians to receive relevant information at the right moment, based on geo-location.
  • Data and analytics – Using iBeacon technology to collect a wealth of data that is contextual to the patient (this includes situations, emotions and preferences).

The Result

  • Right people are in the right jobs.
  • People know what is expected from them .
  • Hospital resources are used efficiently and all departments are working towards a common goal.
  • Easily locate your staff, conference halls or laboratories through GPS system.
  • Improved communication between members which in turn increased the profitability of hospital.
  • Resources can view attendance history anytime, anywhere.
  • Track data over time.
  • Pro-active monitoring of practice health.