• Automatic-Attendance
    Automatic Attendance
  • Beacon Integrated Solution
    Beacon Integrated Solution
  • Mobile applications
    Mobile (iOS and Android) Mobile applications
  • Attendance record
    No need for maintain several Attendance record



Automatic Attendance In & Out

When people enter Business premises, their attendance will automatically be marked through the range of Beacons that trigger Mobile devices (IOS and Android) and thereby attendance will be marked for the day.

Enhanced Attendance Evaluation

Enhanced Attendance Evaluation

People attendance is automatically marked when a person enter and exit the business premises. People can view attendance history and can keep a track on their working time. So, Attendance entrance and evaluation will be done through mobile applications (IOS and Android)

Monitoring your Employees

Monitoring your Employees

Overview of previously recorded activity, Real-time Monitoring lets iSos administrators see exactly what’s happening on your Business premises in real-time. We provide a consistent live data stream from each monitored device detailing the current device activity.

iSos productivity Solution Promotes Effective and Efficient
Real Time Management of People

Other Features

  • Manage-attendence
    Manage Attendance
    • Attendance Scheduling
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Attendance Record
    • Less administration work.
  • Hardware Integrations
    Hardware Integrations
    • iBeacons Integration
    • RFID Tags Implementation
    • Biometric Technology
    • Location based monitoring
  • Better-Communication
    Better Communication
    • Real Time Chat
    • Automatic Email alerts
    • Broadcast Messages
    • Reminders and Notifications