Why You May Need A Productivity Management System?

Productivity Management System

How does your organization react to the notion that ‘Being at work’ doesn’t really mean ‘being on your seat’? Rather, it means being connected, from the desk to the cafeteria to the meeting room to the business trips, work happens everywhere and all the time.

But if your organization is using multiple channels and platforms for real time communication with the resources, the employees would be devoting a lot from their day tracking each other and waiting around for responses. And then piecing together different communication fragments from the devices? Just so not productive!

All this juggling takes a lot of time and effort, with a little effect. This isn’t the way your employees would want to communicate. So make the process smooth and bring out the productivity of your efficient employees with iSos, a system that provides Real time productivity.

ISos monitors the efficiency of your resources and maintains the peak performance levels at all times to manage projects, ensuring that the projects are aligned with the key organizational goals and thereby bringing out the efficient productivity from your employees.

These productivity solutions can be divided mainly into 3:

  • Time Tracker and Activity level workflow
  • GPS and Location Monitoring
  • Project Allocation and Assignment

Time Tracker and Activity level workflow

iSOS provides simple yet effective employee time tracking software solutions that works on all major platforms. Our lightweight desktop timers take screenshots and measure activity levels of the task assigned and get to know how much productive work has been done from employee working hours.

Benefits of having a Time Tracker:

  • Allows flexible monitoring
  • Keeps a check on project hours
  • Helps companies adjust resources
  • Minimizes distractions
  • Improves overall company time management

GPS and Location Monitoring

ISos has an effective tracking system that uses the power of GPs to monitor the employees on site and inside the business premises. Monitoring the resources improves performance and work place control, thereby delivering extremely useful information to increase productivity.

Benefits of Location Monitoring:

  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Minimizes business disruptions
  • Helps in gaining essential insights about the overall work
  • Easy maintenance and early detection

Project Allocation and Assignment

You can now allocate projects to your employees easily and can manage work efficiently with the Time Management Process. You can now keep a track of the total number of hours taken and consumed which will be shown with a captured screenshot, thereby able to calculate efficient productive hours.

Benefits of Project allocation and assignment:

  • Collaboration with the team in real time
  • Optimal Resourcing
  • Budget Management
  • Internal & External Communication
  • Tracking
  • Optimized Decision Making


All in all, iSos is a perfect productivity management application that can bring your entire company together in real-time on one easy secured platform. By bringing together important aspects of productivity, communication, project management, monitoring and reporting, iSos has everything that can help you in boosting sales, stepping up with productivity and managing all day-to-day activities. It works to simplify a complex business process, making your team’s work easier. Contact us today for a free demo!

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