Live Status of Project

Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on through charts and pie chart that provides a detailed visual on the progress of your tasks. View project and resource status to track projects and team performance. Workload reports show you who has bandwidth. Our PMS tool provides you the live status of resource status and projects running in an organisation.

Live Status of Project

Dashboard View

Top-level management can keep an eagle eye on the employees of their organisation through Heat Map, Footfall and the live status of business premises.

Dashboard View

Resource Assignment

Invite your team to a project, get them to complete the tasks you assign, share files, and have focused conversations. Our project management tool is simple and only takes a couple of minutes for your team and clients to understand.

Resource Assignment

Track Employee

Admin can track employee’s daily productivity in terms of working hours, task assigned and presence of an employee.

Track Employee

Other Features

  • Reports & Analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    You can view two types of reports- project and resource reports that contain project pin, department, project cost and status of project.

  • Time Tracking
    Time Tracking

    Set a budget for how long you expect a task to be done, and then you can keep a track on the time consumed by resource.

  • Beacon/Biometric System
    Beacon/Biometric System

    Calculate employee office time average in and out when employees enter and exit business premises.

  • View Project Resources
    View Project Resources

    View resources that has been assigned to particular project.

  • Manage Floor/Beacons
    Manage Floor/Beacons

    Admin can add floor and manage beacons as it is custom-made solution.

  • Book Conference Room
    Book Conference Room

    Employees can book a conference room for client demos, meetings etc. anytime, anywhere.

  • Polling

    Give your honest response to the poll that are asked by your manager, don’t worry your name will not be come but response can makes some effect for the outcome result.

  • Meeting invites/events
    Meeting invites/events

    Managers can post meeting invites and events that will be broadcast to all employees.

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